What is it?

NotToday.in is a community-driven platform for assisting those who are in the front line and back home fighting the worst epidemic of our lifetime, COVID19!

How is this helpful?

This is a forum-based web platform where anyone can post, comment and site information or requests regarding any emergency that need to be addressed at the earliest. This can be used as a source of info for every NGOs, Activists or Public Support groups who are willingly risking their lives to help those who are in need.

How can I contribute?

It depends on you:

  1. If you have anything to offer - Let the public know about it.
  2. If you need something - Don’t hesitate to ask for it.
  3. If you know someone who’s in need of help - Ask for help here or share how you helped them!

So Where and How?

You have to create a thread/post under the relevant tag. That is, we have 3 main Categories:

  1. Medical Emergency - Where your queries and infos related to medical necessities can be posted.
  2. Food Supply - Where you can offer or request food items (any form) in order to ensure that no one is missed out.
  3. Social Emergency - Where you can ask or report society’s help in case of a massive breakdown.

So you may go to these specific categorries and post (or select tag upon creating the post) your content.

Let’s fight together!

Name Reference: A Song of Ice and Fire (#1 A Game of Thrones)